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 Hearing is one of our more important sensory systems, it is more so for the little ones. Improper aural hygiene might cause ear decease and hearing problems which may damage hearing in the long run .

Due to the nature of ear canal, cleaning ear wax for a little one is always a challenging task. How often do we see both parents are involved in this "cleaning job", with one holding the torch and the other one doing the real act.

With the Lighting Earpick , now it is not only making the delicate job much more easier, but also safer. After all, we only have a pair precious eardrums.

With light precisely reflected at the tool tips, the Lighting Earpick lets you examine your child's inner ear clearly, it comes with the thick and the thin earpicks and a tweezer to catch bigger size earwax too.

A must have for parents, keep a set or two handy at home and it is a practical gift to be given to friends and relatives. They will most likely thank you for this precious and thoughtful gift!

• There are 3 transparent ear picks for replacing, which could be stored inside the handle.
• Two types of ear picks, i.e. thick and thin, are available for adults and children
• Push on the red on-off button for light when use

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