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Health tips

Wash your hands before milking or handling breast milk

Hot compress with hot towel before milking and massage to stimulate areola to make mammary gland completely unobstructed

Milking breasts or nipples at a pressure suitable for you should stop milking when you feel pain.

Milking only needs to squeeze out 8 minutes (time should not exceed 20 minutes)

Use a container with a lid when preserving breast milk.

Clean breast milk that has been refrigerated for more than 72 hours (3 days)

Do not mix refrigerated breast milk with fresh breast milk

Thaw frozen breast milk or put a linked container in a milk warmer to warm the milk for feeding.

Refrigerated breast milk after thawing. If the baby can't drink it after 24 hours, please don't refrigerate the breast milk repeatedly and dispose of the rest and disinfect the containers.

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