Bouillote 1L


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Plastic Stopper Prevents Leaks

Made from soft rubber with ribbed texture and design

Ideal for cold winter and hot summer.

1. Odorless and recyclable thermoplastic material. Advanced ceramic retains heat longer than traditional rubber bottles, also works as an ice cream or cold water bottle.

2. Easy to use, reusable: the wide mouth is easy to fill and the anti-push lip prevents water from spitting

3. Hand Foot Warmers - The classic design of this classic home remedy. Treat sore muscles, stress or cramps, arthritis, body aches, stiffness, lower back pain, menstrual cramps and other common body aches and can also double as cold compress for children with fever or for reduce swelling for minor injuries.

4. Convenient to carry

5. Anti-burn texture, open pocket, PP cover, smooth edge

6. Safe: no battery, no charge needed, just fill with hot water, much safer than electric ones

Reference : 1750-4
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